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Man Pictured as Baby on Cover of 'Nevermind' Suing Nirvana for Exploitation

Now all grown up, the man pictured as a naked baby on the cover of Nirvana's seminal "Nevermind" album is suing the band for exploitation. Learn more on FindLaw's Legally Weird blog.

Strange Lawsuit: Two Women Claim to Be Dead Man's Wife

A woman thought she her late husband had been cremated, only to find out another woman had held a funeral for him. Legally Weird has the morbid details.

Can an Edible Plant Be a Plaintiff?

Can wild rice really be a plaintiff in a lawsuit? We're about to find out. Learn more on FindLaw's Legally Weird blog.

Hell-bent, Satanists Seek a Role at Boston City Hall

A Satanist organization wants a chance to give invocations at Boston City Council meetings.

Dog and Cat Mayors: Legal Myth or Legit?

Can an animal like a dog or cat really be the mayor of a town? Your questions answered, and more, on FindLaw's Legally Weird.

Parents of Bullied Alexas Are Fighting Back and Changing Names

People named Alexa are tired of being harassed as though they were mere bots.

Cop Plays Taylor Swift Song to Prevent Video Publication

Copyright cop plays Taylor Swift music to make protesters stop filming, explained. Read more on FindLaw's Law and Daily Life.

Are Offensive Bumper Stickers Illegal?

You know you've seen some pretty bad bumper stickers, but are they illegal? Find out on FindLaw's Legal Grounds blog.

SCOTUS OKs Cheerleader's Profane Rant Off School Grounds

A former Pennsylvania high school student, once suspended from cheerleading for cursing on Snapchat off school grounds, prevailed at the Supreme Court. Learn more on FindLaw's Legally Weird blog.

If E.T. Exists, Would the U.S. Government Have to Tell Us About It?

After new, concrete reports about the existence of UFOs, what are the U.S. government disclosure obligations?

Boris Johnson to consider using army to supply petrol stations

Ministers to discuss emergency plan Operation Escalin after BP reveals a third of its forecourts have shortages

Hundreds of soldiers could be scrambled to deliver fuel to petrol stations running dry across the country due to panic buying and a shortage of drivers under an emergency plan expected to be considered by Boris Johnson on Monday.

The prime minister will gather senior members of the cabinet to scrutinise aOperation Escalina after BP admitted that a third of its petrol stations had run out of the main two grades of fuel, while the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), which represents almost 5,500 independent outlets, said 50% to 90% of its members had reported running out. It predicted that the rest would soon follow.

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Germany election: SPD in wafer-thin lead as results come in

Social Democrats edge out Christian Democrats in exit polling and early counted results for federal election

Germany is set for weeks or even months of protracted coalition talks after the race to produce a successor to Angela Merkel after 16 years in power failed to produce a clear winner, with the centre-left Social Democrats and the centre-right conservative alliance in a tight first and second.

Related: Germany election 2021: Social Democrats and Merkelas CDU neck-and-neck in chancellor race, exit polls say

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Labour leadership rule changes pass after last-minute Unison backing

Narrow victory at conference after members had torn into Starmeras plan ends difficult week for leader

Labour members tore into rule changes proposed by Keir Starmer to give MPs more sway over leadership elections, but the new rules were carried over the line after the trade union Unison gave its backing at the last minute.

The narrow victory on conference floor ended a difficult week for Starmer, in which he was repeatedly forced to water down his proposals, though his allies said he was thrilled with the final result a 53% in his favour a which he has said would draw a line under internal party debates.

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Labour to scrap business rates if elected, says shadow chancellor

Rachel Reeves says party will also review tax reliefs, suggesting it would target income from buy-to-let property

Labour will scrap business rates and undertake the abiggest overhaul of business taxation in a generation,a the Labour shadow chancellor will say at her speech on Monday, saying the current system punishes entrepreneurs and business investment.

Rachel Reeves will also announce that the party will undertake a major review of existing tax reliefs, suggesting it would target reliefs on wealth such as income from buy-to-let properties.

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Iceland no longer has more female than male MPs after recount

Initial election result gave women 33 seats, but total was later revised down to 30

Iceland briefly celebrated electing a female-majority parliament on Sunday, before a recount produced a result just short of the landmark for gender parity in the north Atlantic island nation.

The initial vote count gave female candidates 33 seats in Icelandas 63-seat parliament, the Althing, in an election in which centrist parties made the biggest gains. The result would have made Iceland the first country in Europe to have more women than men in parliament.

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Steve Coogan to play Jimmy Savile in asensitivea BBC drama

Alan Partridge star will take on acomplexa character of notorious paedophile in The Reckoning

Steve Coogan will play Jimmy Savile in a forthcoming BBC drama series about how the high-profile presenter spent decades living a double life as one of the countryas most notorious paedophiles.

The Alan Partridge star said the decision to portray Savile on screen was not one he atook lightlya but the series had aan intelligent script tackling sensitively an horrific story which a however harrowing a needs to be tolda.

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Spice Girl among stars to begin phone-hacking claims against Murdoch empire

Melanie Chisholm, Boyzoneas Shane Lynch and S Club 7as Hannah Spearritt latest to allege voicemail interception

A group of 1990s pop stars are among the latest individuals to launch phone-hacking cases against Rupert Murdochas media empire, as the scandal that has dogged the company for more than 15 years continues to rumble on at the high court.

Melanie Chisholm from the Spice Girls, Shane Lynch from Boyzone, Hannah Spearritt from S Club 7, and Stepsas Ian Watkins and Lee Latchford-Evans have recently filed claims against the company.

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UK far right promoting sexual violence against women, report finds

New analysis reveals misogyny increasingly prevalent online and being used to steer people into racism and antisemitism

Sexual violence is increasingly being promoted by the British far right, according to new analysis documenting how misogyny is used to steer individuals towards adopting racist and antisemitic views.

Investigators found that pro-rape comments were anot uncommona among the UK extreme right and that a culture has taken root that endorses sexual violence. Analysing misogyny and anti-feminist channels on the messaging app Telegram, a key online platform for the far right, they found sexual assault was a aprominent themea.

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Statue of Anne Lister, TVas Gentleman Jack, unveiled in Halifax

Suranne Jones, who played 19th-century diarist regarded as first modern lesbian, says she hopes artwork will be an inspiration

A bronze statue of the 19th-century diarist Anne Lister, known as Gentleman Jack, has been installed in Halifax, the West Yorkshire town where she lived.

The artwork was unveiled on Sunday by Suranne Jones, who starred as Lister in the recent BBC One drama Gentleman Jack, and Sally Wainwright, the award-winning creator of the show.

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San Marino referendum ends with 77% voting to end abortion ban

Over 40% of residents of landlocked state in central Italy voted to end total ban in place since 1865

Residents in San Marino have voted overwhelmingly to legalise abortion.

Over 40% of the population of about 33,000 in the tiny state, which is landlocked within central Italy, participated in the referendum, with 77.3% voting in support of allowing abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, according to results published by San Marino TV.

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aMilitant cyclista lists fuel tax lobbyistas home as petrol station on Google Maps

FairFuelUKas Howard Cox says he got 70 calls from panic buyers and accuses unknown environmentalist of prank

As the longstanding boss of the FairFuelUK organisation, which campaigns against tax rises on petrol, Howard Cox is used to criticism from environmentalists and cyclists.

What he did not expect was someone listing his home address in Kent as a petrol station on Google Maps in the middle of a fuel crisis.

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Vigil finale review a an anxiety-inducing horror spectacular

A clock-ticking, claustrophobic finale had DI Silva in a cat-and-mouse game with a shifty Russian asset. If only theyad given her a map

aC/ Read the Vigil finale recap and join the discussion here

Vigil (BBC One) concluded in nightmarishly claustrophobic style. Not content with sticking half of the cast on a large metal tube under water, it trapped noted hater-of-small-spaces DCI Amy Silva in a tiny metal tube under water, filled the tube with water, drained it of water, only for the larger metal tube to start filling with water, and honestly, after half an hour of tension like that, I needed a lie down, in a very big, wide, airy open space.

Vigil has given us six solid weeks of credulity-testing twists and turns, but it has never relented, and buckling up for the hour has been a large part of the fun. It is television from the Bodyguard school, expertly ramping up the stress until it becomes relentless, then adding another shocker into the mix, just because it can. Yes, it is far-fetched (at least, you must hope it is): HMS Vigil is the kind of submarine where a crew member could accidentally sit on the alaunch nukesa button and you wouldnat bat an eyelid. But it has been thrilling.

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aI was empty, Iam not panic-buyinga: in the petrol queue on the North Circular

Inside lane of one of the UKas busiest roads is full of frustrated motorists waiting for a turn at the pump

A kilometre of one of the UKas most congested roads was on Sunday taking on a new, unwanted role: the queue for a BP garage still managing to sell petrol.

Julian Dunbar estimated he had waited an hour and a half on the inside lane of the A406 North Circular in South Chingford, east London, to finally be able to fill up. aThe petrol light is on, Iam almost empty,a he said. aItas frustrating because not everyone here needs to fill up. Weare here because we need to for the week, not because we are panic-buying.a

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aDone his dutya: Keir Starmer pleases supporters with rule changes

Analysis: Infighting rife as Labour leader takes on Corbynite left, but supporters say it puts party on a stronger footing

Keir Starmer stunned even some close colleagues earlier this week when he abruptly announced plans to push through a radical overhaul of the way Labour elects its leaders at the partyas conference in Brighton.

Leaders of Labour-supporting unions were furious about not being consulted in advance, and some shadow cabinet members appeared bemused by the timing of the risky move, just as the government was gripped by a looming winter crisis.

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Rather than exult in the problems of the Tories, Keir cuts an awkward figure

With panic-buying at petrol stations and soaring energy prices, this could have been the Labour leaderas moment to shine

Fair to say the Labour party conference hadnat got off to the start Keir Starmer had hoped for. First, his 12,000-word aSee me, feel me, touch mea appeal to the nation had been widely ignored. Which many of us who had made the mistake of reading it thought was much the best response. Anything to escape the repetition, the platitudes and the cliches. It wasnat so much aThe Road Aheada that was off-putting as aThe Page Aheada.

Then there had been the party infighting, all of which had been totally avoidable. The Tories had teed up the Labour shindig in Brighton perfectly. First, rising energy prices and the cost of living. Then there had been the government bailing out a fertiliser manufacturer to protect the nationas supply of carbon dioxide, just when it was telling the rest of the world to reduce its CO2 emissions. Best of all, there had been Grant Shapps urging the public not to panic-buy petrol and diesel. Predictably, most garage forecourts were now running on fumes as people have long since learned to do the opposite of everything the transport secretary says.

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aExcessive tourism can destroy a placea: artist Tony Foster on the rush to the countryside

The painter expresses sadness at how social media, Covid and new buildings have made it a challenge to find places to create art

The far south-west of Britain has long been regarded as a wild and romantic spot, a place where you can lose yourself in rugged landscapes beloved of artists and dreamers.

But a renowned Cornish-based artist celebrated for his images of the worldas great wildernesses has expressed sadness and frustration that social media, new building and the rush to the countryside caused by Covid has made it a challenge to find remote, lonesome places in his backyard to paint.

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Loud and clear: the art of political dressing

Making a fashion statement has a controversial history. Emma Beddington looks at what happens when you wear your heart on your sleeve

Comment on the delightfully absurd spectacle of the Met Gala this year coalesced around the pointed image of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a gorgeously traditional white gown, the kind of thing a deep south debutante might wear, with aTax the Richa in a vast red scrawl on the rear. Was the Aurora James dress provocative or performative, just facile radical cosplay? Critics across the political spectrum worked themselves into a froth of outrage: it was hypocrisy to even attend the $35,000-a-ticket event; AOC was having her cake, eating it, then telling the cake it was problematic.

On some level, job done: weare all talking about it. aThe medium is the message,a as she wrote on Instagram afterwards. AOC wasnat the only one with a message for the scrollers and gawpers on the night: congresswoman Carolyn Maloneyas suffragette-inspired gown was embroidered with aEqual rights for womena; serial sloganeer Cara Delevingne wore a aPeg the Patriarchya bulletproof vest designed by Dioras Maria Grazia Chiuri, and if youare not rolling your eyes reading that, youare a kinder person than me.

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Frans Hals: The Male Portrait review a painting as performance art

Wallace Collection, London
Revered by Manet and Van Gogh, scorned by Kenneth Clark, the great 17th-century portraitist captures each sitter in the moment with astonishing force and freedom

The brewer is mighty: a man of outsize prowess looking down on you with all his shrewd vigour, satin doublet straining to contain his huge girth. The hat is so large it has its own planetary halo; the lace collar could cover a table. It is not hard to imagine the awful strength of his grip.

He was the owner of the Swanas Neck brewery, this gentleman of Haarlem. But he was also a lavish collector of Dutch portraits, and none can have exceeded this one. From the affable yet undeceived eyes to the reddening jowls, the shaggy pelt of hair to the elbow jutting out of the frame in a dazzle of creased satin, everything is painted with an apt and equivalent force. The portrait rises to meet the man at every turn.

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Eileen Atkins: aThere are plenty of parts if youare willing to make yourself look lousya

From council estate in Tottenham to West End stage, the veteran actor and screenwriter tells her life story in a funny and honest new memoir. She was, she says, always determined to shinea|

Think back, just for a moment, to the first series of The Crown. It is 1952. The king, George VI, is dead and the new queen, Elizabeth, has flown home to Britain from Africa. At Sandringham, where her fatheras body rests, everything is the same and yet irredeemably changed: a paradoxical state signified most powerfully by the arrival of the kingas mother, Queen Mary. In a corridor lined with servants, the old queen, in black crepe and a mourning veil, advances slowly towards the new queen. Will these grieving women embrace? No. As Queen Mary has already informed her granddaughter by letter, if the crown is to survive, duty must come before personal indulgence, a credo she will now express in the form of a curtsey so preposterously low, itas a wonder she doesnat topple over.

At the memory of this scene, Dame Eileen Atkins leaps from her sofa and bobs her jeans-clad knees, wobbling only very slightly. Six years on, she doesnat remember much about playing Queen Mary: mostly it was just alying about in bed and smokinga. But sheall never forget that curtsey: aIt was Stephen Daldry [the director] who made me do it. That long bloody walk. I love Stephen. Heas a magician. Iad do anything for him. But I was very proud that at whatever age I was then, I could walk with a straight back and do such a deep curtsey.a Her friend, the actor SiAC/n Phillips, believes that the trick with old age is simply not to think about it: aShe doesnat tell anyone how old she is.a Atkins, however, takes a different approach. aaYouare 87,a I say to myself. aYouave been working for six hours. Well done!aa

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Coronavirus live: Strictly pair test positive for Covid; 70 million Americans still unvaccinated

Tom Fletcher from McFly and Amy Dowden are self-isolating; States including Idaho and Kansas report throwing away thousands of expired doses

An Austrian party set up in February to oppose coronavirus restrictions won six percent of votes in regional elections on Sunday, giving it a seat in parliament, preliminary results show.

MFG - Menschen-Freiheit-Grundrechte, or People-Freedom-Fundamental Rights - campaigned mainly over social networks with a platform sceptical about vaccines and rejecting compulsory jabs.

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says she recognises thereas some confusion now in the United States about who should get a COVID-19 vaccine booster.

Last week, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky sided with most of the recommendations from CDC advisers on giving boosters six months after the last Pfizer dose for certain groups of people, the Associated Press reports.

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